Pure Ganga Jal

Kashi holy water

Kashi Gangajalam is collected at Ganesh Ghat Varanasi · It is said that 4 other invisible holi rivers meet Ganga and its Jal is called a Panchgangajalam ·

Neem Stick


Natural Neem Chew Sticks/Tree Datun Twigs Organic manual Toothbrush

Tulsi Leaves


Tulsi Leaves are small shrubs with heavily branched, generally grown in India 

Copper Sealed Pot


Anarghyaa Copper Sealed Pot Kashi Gangajal for your Daily Pooja at your home.



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Sacred and Pristine

Pure Ganga Jal:
The Essence of Purity

At Kashi Priya, we offer you the purest Ganga Jal, sourced from the heart of the Ganges River. Collected with reverence in copper vessels, it’s a symbol of purity and spirituality. Order yours today and embrace the essence of the Ganges.

Make in India

The Artisans

We collaborate directly with local artisans, many of whom have inherited their craft through generations. By supporting their work, we aim to preserve the time-honored techniques and artistry that make Varanasi unique.

Our Roots

Explore the Essence of Varanasi

Founded in the historic city of Varanasi, we are deeply connected to the traditions, craftsmanship, and spirituality that this ancient city embodies. Our journey began with a vision to share the treasures of Varanasi with the world.

Preserving Tradition, Nurturing Nature


We are committed to sustainability and the environment. Our organic products are sourced from the fertile lands around Varanasi, where traditional farming methods harmonize with nature, resulting in products of exceptional quality.


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Tulsi Leaves

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